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Established in 2008, Priera is one of South Yorkshire’s largest companies in the electrical sector. Conveniently located centrally in the UK, we operate nationwide.

Our dedicated electrical testing and compliance division specialises in inspection and testing of fixed-wiring installations and portable appliance tests (PATs). We support customers across public and private sectors, including: education, airports, transport, health, municipal, retail, industrial, leisure, commercial and manufacturing.

Your electrical safety is our priority. All of our electrical technicians have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to inspect, test and maintain all types of installations. The investment we make in training underpins our professional standards and the services we deliver.

We are proud to include some of the UK’s best-known brands among our customers, and appreciate their trust in our quality and value for money.

Safety and Peace of Mind

When you appoint us to inspect and test your electrical wiring, or portable appliances, you can be confident our operatives will always put you and your safety first. To make sure your activities can continue as smoothly as possible during inspection and testing, we will agree a programme of work with you beforehand. Wherever practicable, it will be ‘business as usual’ for you while inspection and testing takes place. If that means visiting you outside your normal business hours, we will.

Here to Help

We are here to help you in all aspects of your electrical safety. The statutory Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 are relevant to all work activities and premises*. If you need straightforward advice on how to comply with these regulations, and what inspection and testing programme may be best for you, we can help.

As a dutyholder you must make sure your electrical installations are designed, constructed, operated and maintained to prevent danger. In this context a dutyholder is someone who is responsible for the operation or maintenance of an electrical installation and equipment – usually an owner or operator.

Regulation 4(2) requires that: As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, such danger.

Periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations and equipment, supported by a current Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) or portable appliance test, will help demonstrate your compliance with this regulation, and ensure that your insurances remain valid.

When and how often the inspection and testing takes place depends on your type of installation; typically, the maximum period is between three and five years. That means to comply, normally only a percentage of circuits and items will be inspected and tested each year – say, 20% each year over five years – so that they are all covered during the recommended period.

* Certain offshore workplaces and certain ships are exempt.

The Importance of Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

All electrical installations and equipment deteriorate with usage and age. It is important that you can be sure that the safety of users is not at risk, and that your installation is kept in a safe and serviceable condition.

Periodic inspection and testing is the most effective way to establish whether an electrical installation is safe. Preventative maintenance helps keep it safe.

On completion of an inspection and testing programme we provide our customers with an EICR or PAT report. The EICR is a comprehensive report on the condition of an existing installation. It gives important details about the general condition and particulars of the installation, the extent of the installation covered by the report, and the items tested. It includes a checklist detailing whether required conditions are satisfied, along with a schedule of circuit test results.

An overall assessment of the installation is also given, and a clear indication of whether it is satisfactory or unsatisfactory for continued use. If applicable, we will detail and explain any observations or recommendations for action required regarding the safety and continued use of the installation. Observations are given codes shown in a guide accompanying the EICR given to the dutyholder.

This report is a valuable document that is often needed by insurance companies as proof of a dutyholder’s electrical safety compliance. It is usually required during the sale of buildings and property.

Tailored to Suit You

We offer inspection, testing and maintenance services for all types of electrical installations and equipment, including fixed-wiring installations, fire alarms, emergency lighting and portable appliances (PATs).

To suit your specific requirements, we can tailor our inspection and testing programme. When supported by a preventative maintenance regime this is the best way to keep things running smoothly and safely.

Spreading the costs across a programme period with a tailored compliance package can be the most cost-effective way to remain compliant. We will be pleased to discuss your needs and offer a cost-effective package to suit you.

Keeping You Safe

At all times, your electrical safety is our priority. Some companies offer inspection and testing services only. Priera is different. We have the experience, capability and resources to inspect, test and maintain installations and equipment, and to promptly restore them to safety when required.

Our customers’ safety is our highest priority. A close second is the value we place on long-term relationships. We like to continue keeping them safe. Which is about us consistently delivering the best service, when our customers need us, and best value for money.

Committed to training the future custodians of our customers’ satisfaction, each year we normally employ at least one trainee electrician through the JTL apprentice training scheme.

You're in Good Hands

Our valued customers and their safety depend upon us – a responsibility we take seriously.

Priera is a Reset member company, which means the skills, training and competences of all our operatives and technicians are regularly checked and maintained. As an NICEIC Approved Contractor we are audited by the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting) and our work inspected to make sure we uphold their exacting standards for quality and safety.

Priera is also a SafeContractor approved company, undergoing an annual audit to ensure its health and safety standards are maintained for continued accreditation.

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